Backend Databases and Web Service
MySQLA relational database management system that executes SQL commands. The resource information is stored in structured schemas that are created in advance to preserve the data integrity.
Solr (Apache Lucene)A reliable and scalable search platform that enables Aztec to set different priorities to searchable fields, and allows users to search by filters or search by faceting.
MongoDBA NoSQL database is used to store resource statistics, search statistics, and search histories. Its flexible and scalable operations speed up the front-end delivery for a smoother interface.
Neo4jA graph database that uses the cypher query language to display relationships between objects. It provides a graphical presentation of the workflow among software tools.
Amazon EC2The web application is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provides a flexible computational capacity by simply increasing the computing power of the EC2 instance if needed.

Front-end Interfaces
REST APIProvides a programmatic interface that allows an easy integration of the web application data.
D3A JavaScript graphing library that integrates HTML, SVG, and CSS to create an interactive graphical visualization. It is mainly used to display the statistics of Aztec resources.

NodejsA lightweight JavaScript platform to create a fast and scalable application. It is used as the backbone and framework for Aztec to connect the front-end to the back-end and expose web service endpoints.
MVC Design PatternThe development of user interface follows the Model-View-Controller paradigm. The separation of model, view, and controller further facilitates Agile programming among developers.